Rehviringlus - for a cleaner future

MTÜ Rehviringlus is a producer responsibility organization established by Estonian tire companies whose main field of activity is the import or manufacture of tires. Since April 2010, MTÜ Rehviringlus provides its members with a service for collecting and recovering old tires. All tire importers and manufacturers are welcome to join us.

Reception of tyres from private persons

Did you know that a private person can give away old tires for free at our official collection points?

The collection points are located all over Estonia and some of them are open on weekends also.

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Reception of tyres from businesses

Companies can hand over old tyres only at larger collection points.

For a free transfer of tyres the Companies must apply for a delivery note.

Apply for a delivery note

Producer responsibility

MTÜ Rehviringlus organizes the fulfillment of producer responsibility obligations for the joined companies.

To join MTÜ Rehviringlus, a subscription application has to be submitted, which can be done through our website also.

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