The aim of keeping the Register of Problem Products (abbreviation: PROTO) is to aggregate data on problem products producers in order to keep records of the problem products placed on the market in Estonia and the waste generated therefrom, as well as the recovery and disposal of waste exported from Estonia, keeping records on the fulfillment of recovery targets set in Estonian legislation and submission of waste information to the European Commission on the basis of the data entered in the register.

Only Estonian producers are entitled register themselves in PROTO and submit data directly to PROTO. Foreign producers must either join a producer responsibility organization or find another solution.

NB! The producer is not registered until he receives the corresponding letter with his registration number and the name of the manufacturer becomes visible in the PROTO public section.

MTÜ Rehviringlus is a producer's responsibility organization registered in PROTO (registration no. PRO190004), which represents its affiliated producers in its relations with the Register of Problem Products and organizes the submission of all data to the register.

Statutes of the Register of Problem Products