MTÜ Rehviringlus

MTÜ Rehviringlus is a producer responsibility organization established by Estonian tire companies whose main field of activity is the import or manufacture of tires. Since April 2010, MTÜ Rehviringlus provides its members with a service for collecting and recovering old tires. All tire importers and manufacturers are welcome to join us.

A tire manufacturer, according to the Waste Act, is a company that imports tyres, manufactures tyres or retreads used tyres. The manufacturer is obliged to collect and recover old tires placed on the market by him. It may do so individually by complying with legal requirements or by contract transferring its obligations to the producer responsibility organization.

The funds raised by MTÜ Rehviringlus are used:

  • to maintain a national collection network for the collection of old tires that have become waste;
  • to finance the recovery of collected old tires;
  • to organize information campaigns for the tyre users;
  • to organize the collection and recovery of so-called "historic" old tires accumulated over decades;
  • to submit data to PROTO (Register of problem products);
  • to cover the administrative costs of the organization.

MTÜ Rehviringlus is not a profit-seeking organization.

A manufacturer wishing to join with MTÜ Rehviringlus will present a written application. The application is reviewed by the management board of MTÜ Rehviringlus and, in case of a positive decision, a contract is sent to the manufacturer for examination and signing. After signing the contract, MTÜ Rehviringlus applies for registration of the manufacturer in the Register of problem products, which issues a registration number to the manufacturer.