The Waste Act of the Republic of Estonia establishes the principle of producer responsibility for so-called problem products, according to which manufacturers must finance a system for collecting and reusing problem products. As of July 2005, the list of problem products also includes tires for which recovery obligations were applied as of 1 January 2006.

Initially, the law required manufacturers to operate at least one collection point in each county. According to the regulation adopted in June 2010, from 2011, each producer or producer organization representing them must have a collection point in each city, town and borough with a population of 1500 or more.

  1. Waste Act
  2. Requirements and procedures for collection, return to producer and recovery or disposal of tire waste
  3. Statutes of the Register of Problem Products
  4. National Register of Problem Products
  5. List of information to be made available to the users of problem products and ways and procedures for providing information